Ciメディカル 先生と患者様に喜ばれたい。

Ciメディカル 先生と患者様に喜ばれたい。

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Activity

Ci Medical has been walking together with the local people in an environment surrounded by nature - overlooking the sacred Hakusan Mountain. As a local corporation doing business, we believe that we must fulfill our social responsibility in order to become a company that is appreciated by local people, doctors and patients in the community.

Since 2009, we have been donating masks to health care facilities, elementary and junior high schools and AEDs to local public facilities within the prefecture, and such like activity is being carried out annually. We hope that each of us would protect the health of everyone in the community and create an environment where they could live with greater peace of mind.

We want to continue contributing not only to economic activities but also to the local community and society.

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