Ciメディカル 先生と患者様に喜ばれたい。

Ciメディカル 先生と患者様に喜ばれたい。

Company Philosophy

For the Satisfaction and Happiness of Doctors and Patients

Ci Medical conducts business in its sincerest form and places priority on developing products by thinking from the standpoint of the customers.

We focus our spirit and invest our efforts in expanding our market by appealing the importance of dental care. We will pursue on becoming the leading company that provides utmost happiness and satisfaction to our suppliers, customers and patients, alike. Our top priority is to realize “what customer wants at what price” and not “how to just sell the products”. That is, we put highest importance on delivering our products and services that would satisfy our costumer’s need at reasonable price.

Also, we firmly believe that – in the end, human relation is essential. Whereas we give our utmost care to our customers, we also give the same feeling and treatment to our suppliers. For us, both our suppliers and customers are Our Valued Customers. Therefore, we shall continuously strive for mutual development and growth with our customers, while building long term relationships with humanitarian heart that is strong and trustworthy.

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