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President's Message

Focusing on developing the products in need rather than the salable one.

CEO  Dr. Kiyoto Shimizu

Since the establishment on Y2000, Ci medical has put its full effort on developing products based on new prospective and needs rather than just going for the salable products. We have operated our business giving our utmost priority on customers happiness and the satisfaction with rapidity.

As a result, we could expand our business to 60,000 dental clinics all over Japan and held a top share in Mail Order business in dental industry. Needless to say, on this rapidly changing generation it is important that we should not dwell in past achievements but we should strive for the new possibility with novel idea and the rational judgements.

Ci medical is now supplying products not only in dental industry but also in veterinary, Nurse Care facilities and Medical Industry. And our future plan is to expand beyond the domestic market. We also think that it is our responsibility to spread the information that, the heath of the teeth is related to the health of whole body and treating the tooth would certainly leads to the longevity, to the society and we will keep fulfilling our responsibility. Wherever we will be, we would be offering the products which ensures the happiness and satisfaction of the customer.

CEO, Dr. Kiyoto Shimizu

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