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Company History

Jan, 2000 Ci Medical is Established.
Mar, 2007 The head office is moved to Kashimamachi.
May, 2008 Opened Tokyo Show Room at Hamamatsu cho.
Jun, 2008 Started publishing dental magazine "Dentalism".
Oct, 2008 Established subsidiary company "Dental Fit Co. Ltd"
Sept, 2009 Penetrated into Veterinary Indystry with "Vet" Catalog.
Nov, 2009 ISO27001 Certified (Information Security).
Sept, 2010 Tokyo Show Room is moved to Chuou Ku, Yayesu.
May, 2011 Ranked with credit rating “aaa” by JCR.
Sept, 2011 "Neo Tuft" received GOOD DESIGN AWARD.
May, 2011 Started Online Sales of Oral Care Products via subsidiary company Dental Fit for private customers
Oct, 2011 Operation of 2nd Logistics Center is started.
Dec, 2011 Penetrated into Nursing Care business with "Fresh & Care" Catalog
May, 2012 Ranked with credit rating "aaa" by JCR
Jul, 2012 Established 3D Design Lab and started CAD/CAM business.
Stared manufacturing martials for Oral Ceramic Zirconia used for metallic prosthesis.
Sept, 2012 "ZECLIN More" (Tongue Brush) received GOOD DESIGN AWARD.
Jul, 2013 Established "Ci International" Hong Kong subsidiary for Private Imports.
Sept, 2013 "Ci Assist Mini" (Toothbrush) received GOOD DESIGN AWARD.
Mar, 2014 Operation of 3rd Logistics Center is started.
Jun, 2014 "Dentalism" started alliance with famous magazine "Dental Tribune".
Ranked with credit rating "aaa" by JCR.
Oct, 2014 Head office moved to Asahigaoka, Hakusan-city.
Feb, 2015 Started providing electricity generated by Solar.
May, 2015 Penetrated into Medical Business with "Medical" catalog for Hospital and Medical Clinics.
Ranked with credit rating "aaa" by JCR.
Apr, 2016 Started Electricity Retail Business as "Ci Dentaru" targeted to dental clinics
Jun, 2016 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange at PRO Market
Oct, 2016 Capital Alliance with Air Water Inc.
Dec, 2017 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange at JASDAQ(Standard)
Dec, 2017 Selected as The Driving Company for the regional future by the Ministry of Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry.

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