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Information Security

Ci Medical is working under the business plan with management policy of “For the satisfaction and happiness of doctors and patients”, focusing on Dental material for Dental clinics and medical institutions. For us the information from clinics and dentist are the important asset for providing the product and service in a safe and reliable manner. We recognize that ensuring the security of the information assets is a prime management issue, which is related to the exitance of our company. Hence, to protect from the various threats from inside and outside the company, Ci medical declares to promote the following basic information security policy.

  1. Ci Medical considers all the information and assets acquired through the business are subjected to proper management and protection from unauthorized access, loss, leak and destruction.
  2. Ci Medical not only obliged to obey the regulation requirement as per the Pharmaceutical affairs law, Personal information protection law against the information security, but also keep improvising the ISMS.
  3. Ci Medical transparently fulfill its roles on continually promoting and maintaining the environment regarding information security protective measures.
  4. Ci Medical Implements the systematic risk management by creating a standard for analyzing/evaluating the risk concerned with the business.
  5. Ci Medical provides adequate education and trainings regarding ISMS to its employee in order to make them understand about the importance of the information security. If any security breach or accident occurs then appropriate measures including the recurrence prevention are taken promptly.

By establishing the Information Security Management System(ISMS) we will not only fulfill our social responsibility but also offer a sense of security and trust to a customer and continuously have a stable business operation.

*Information Security Management System (ISMS) is a comprehensive mechanism to manage and protect the information processed by enterprise.

11th July, 2009
Ci Medical Co., Ltd.
Kiyoto Shimizu

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